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$$ Price guide: mid-range

Greys 303

Price Quality Size Vibe NFP
Mid-range Good Quality Big No Frills NO - PRIVATELY OWNED



Beyond the Victorian shop front of 303 Clarendon Street is a secondhand wonderland heaving with furniture, homewares, jewellery and artwork.  It’s hard to walk past this store without being lured inside by the the array of secondhand furniture littering the pavement.  The collection here is eclectic, with antiques from the 19th and 20th century rubbing shoulders with retro and modern pieces.

The Verdict

There is always heavy foot traffic along the ever popular Clarendon Street shopping strip so it is rare to find this store without at least a few people snooping around.  As you can imagine this makes for quite a rapid turnover of stock, with new items becoming available on daily basis.  Staff are friendly and prices are reasonable given the quality of stock and premier location.  Make sure you explore the rooms at the rear of the store and upstairs; I’ve visited this store a number of times and only recently discovered upstairs.

Do you have some vintage or antique items you would like to sell?  Well, Greys 303 would be happy to help you out!  They even offer free collection in most circumstances.


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303 Clarendon Street South Melbourne, VIC 3205


Ph: 03 9690 5557

Grey’s 303 Website




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