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Garage & sidewalk sales

On 27, Apr 2013 | One Comment | In $, 1, Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Massive, No Frills, Thornbury | By Rosie


A curious phenomenon is taking place in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, and perhaps elsewhere.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed the increasing number of swap-meets, garage and sidewalk sales lining the pavements and median strip of these vibrant suburbs.  It seems that many Melbournians interested in recycling their worldly goods are opting to cut out the middle man (markets, op-shops and secondhand stores) and sell their wares directly to passing traffic.  Obviously the success of any such sale will likely be determined by the level of pedestrian (and  bicycle) traffic in the area.

The Verdict

Garage sales are by no means a new concept but there is something different about the ones I’ve been to recently, one gets the distinct impression that people are hoping to cash in on the fact that vintage is very much in vogue at the moment.  Questionable legality aside, these ad-hoc sales are a great way to build a sense of community, get to know your neighbours, reduce waste and snap up a bargain – so it would seem everyone’s a winner!  Except maybe the charity stores in your area who rely on donations to generate funds to for their cause… just something to keep in mind.






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  1. I love garage sales. You find so many different items (and so much more fun than ebay). I usually always pick up a few items for my outfits. Lots of Vintage clothes to be found. Check out my latest vintage outfit on my blog: This was my choice for the Melbourne Gatsby Winter Soiree in Malvern … fun event (lots of vintage pics on my facebook page … ).

    Cheers, Souri

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