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Salvos – Victoria Crescent

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It was Saturday afternoon when I visited the Salvos Store on Victoria Crescent and the place was a hive of activity -bustling with both staff and customers.  The somewhat banal facade of this warehouse does not do justice to the exciting assemblage of secondhand goods inside, which includes clothing, shoes, ties, belts, hats,vinyl records, toys, sports equipment, DVDs & VHS, homewares, artwork, outdoor furniture, lounges, dressers, beds, mattresses, cushions, buttons, lamps, stools, ladders… and much much more.  Salvos stores rely on donations, conveniently this opportunity store has a dedicated loading bay at the rear which is open seven days a week.  The collection point is staffed, ensuring that all donations get to their intended destination and are not left exposed to the elements.

The Verdict

This op-shop is a little off the beaten track but is well worth the effort. For me the furniture was a particular highlight – a diverse range of generally high quality.  The turnover of stock is quite high so if you don’t find what you’re looking for it may be worth coming back in a few weeks/months.  I have heard some complaints about this Salvos being overpriced, but having seen the quality of some stock it is not surprising prices are a little higher than your average store.  Generally if stock is under-priced it gets snaffled by the more up-market vintage stores and sold at a higher price anyway – at least this way prices remain comparatively very affordable and the proceeds go towards supporting the Salvation Army.   Thanks to Chris for taking the time to chat to me – much appreciated!





81 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford, 3067
03 9428 3653


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00-5.30
Saturday: 9.00-5.00
Sunday: Closed

Salvos Website



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