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Memorabilia On Smith

On 20, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In $$$, 3, Accessories, Bags, Big, Books, Clothing, Fitzroy, Hats, Homewares, Men's, No Frills | By Rosie

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Memorabilia On Smith is a special breed of vintage store with the overwhelming focus being sporting and gaming memorabilia.  The window display sets the tone for this chaotic and fascinating secondhand store brimming with nostalgia.  Inside you will find loads of sporting memorabilia (mostly AFL), such as team photos, jumpers, footballs, stubbie holders, scarfs, backpacks, crockery and much more.  Non-football related collectables include carnival clowns, books, signage (Coopers, Coke, Milk Bar, Peters, railway …etc), lolly jars, toys, figurines, typewriters, posters, Pez dispensers, milkshake topping dispensers, scoreboards, cigarette dispensers.

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