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La Brocante

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This beautifully presented vintage store on High Street Northcote stocks a range of homewares and collectables from all over the globe, with French and Belgian pieces featuring prominently.  The owner, Penny Attwill, spent a number of years studying in France. During this time she developed a love of all things French and has since travelled back many times in search of items for her Melbourne store.  La Brocante also stocks a range of new giftware, cards, books and decorative bird houses which dominate the front of the store; most of the vintage wares are located at the rear.  Vintage highlights include number stamps, scales and European maps.

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Izzi & Popo

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From taxidermy to typewriters, you will find all kinds of treasures at Izzi & Popo.  The owners of Izzi & Popo import their stock directly from Belgium, where  local associates stock pile items for shipment to the Melbourne store.  A shipment had arrived on the day of my visit and the staff were busily readying the new items for display.  The store extends across two levels, with the street level presenting a decidedly more polished aesthetic than the basement which is packed to the rafters with a miscellany of homewares, collectables and furniture.

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In $$$

By Rosie

tarlo & graham

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world that is Tarlo & Graham.  This wacky vintage store on Gertrude Street takes the place of Industria – a secondhand stalwart that inhabited the space for a number of years.  If you’re in the market for some taxidermied goods, latex glove moulds, sciences beakers or animal horns this is the place to visit!  And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s also some less quirky offerings like the beautiful set lights and furniture.

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