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The Junk Company

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Behind the understated facade of this vintage store at the top end of Elizabeth Street you will find a bounty of secondhand treasures, including, but not limited to, pocket and wrist watches, cameras, lamps, buffets, cabinets, books, vinyl records, mannequins, movie reels, chests, motor oil cans, maps, billiard balls, bags, hats, old footballs, buckets, filing cabinets, baskets, chairs, sofas, typewriters, cultural artefacts, mixing bowls, lockers, irons, coffee grinders, clocks, jewellery, shoe shine and cigarette tins, billicarts, magazines, clothes, crockery and microscopes.  It really is a wonderland of vintage items, one that must be seen to be believed.

The Verdict

I had heard good things about the Junk Company and it exceeded all of my expectations.  This is one of those stores where every time you turn around you discover something spectacular.  When I visited the owner/manager was assisting an international couple in selecting some indigenous artefacts, from my eavesdropping I suspect that he knows the history of each and every time in store.  While I was happy to be left to my own devices I’m sure if you had any questions or were looking for something specific he would be able to help.  I would highly recommend visiting this vintage store, especially if you are in the market for furniture and homewares.





583 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9328 8121


Opening Hours

Tuesday  – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm
Monday: Closed


The Junk Company Website



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  1. HI There
    I have some treasures that you might like. 70s retro furniture including a bar and lounge suite with side tables that light up.
    Can you please let me know if you would like this stuff. Need to sell my parents home now that they have passed on.

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