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Vinyl Space

Price Quality Size Vibe NFP
Mid-range Good Quality Mid-size No Frills NO - PRIVATELY OWNED



*See comment below from Mick.  Vinyl Space is now closed, however Micka has opened a new store located at 119a Johnston Street, Collingwood.  Enjoy!

I stumbled upon this terrific little store a few weekends ago when I was in search of some vintage pendant lights in Thornbury.  Vinyl Space is joint project between Michael Smajdor and Top Hat Antiques, which is located just down the road at 873 High Street.  The store is understated and could easily be missed if you’re experiencing some kind of hangover/post-brunch food coma, a condition I find myself afflicted with most weekends… Anyway, my point is you need to keep you’re eyes peeled.  Alongside the vinyl, there are some excellent lamps, canisters and a wonderfully retro record player.  For those too lazy to leave the comfort of their couch you can also check out the collection on the Vinyl Space website.

The Verdict

Michael’s business card describes the store as ‘a distant part of the universe completely dedicated to the magical, shiny black discs’, and while there is a bunch of other goodies to be enjoyed in store, the real highlight is indeed the vinyl selection.  The collection isn’t huge, but it is clearly all about quality not quantity.  I couldn’t resist buying a copy of Fleetwood Mac’s – Rumours, for those interested in procuring a copy there were two more in store!  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


collection dresser furniture globe homewares record player records sewing machine table typewriter window display




879 High Street,
Thornbury, VIC 3071


Ph: 0415 640 520

Vinyl Space Website

Michael’s email


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  1. Hi,

    it Mick from Vinyl Space… just letting you know that the shop in Thornbury has closed down… So I was wondering if is is possible to take down this writeup as we are no longer at that address … I have actually opened a record store at 119a Johnston street in Collingwood and I would be more than happy if you wanted to come and check out our new digs!



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